Jo Phillips and Joe Whitbread: The Jo(e)s

A Lasting Impact

Jo and Joe hold the following values:

  • We will listen to the kids. Even if it’s a 56 minute conversation about Fortnite.

  • We will value what the kids tell us. We won’t tell them their experiences aren’t real or valid.

  • We will speak on behalf of the kids, to adults. We won’t protect adults from the words the kids have given us, and we won’t give adults a pass on their online behaviour or the impact they have on their kids.

  • We will amplify the voices of kids.

  • We will talk about social media safety, mental health, and digital responsibility.


The Jo(e)s

Who We Are


Jo Phillips

Public Speaker/Mentor/Coach

Jo loves to listen to the stories of kids and work with them to find solutions to their ideas, and their challenges. With a degree in Psychology focused on motivation and personality, and a minor in Sociology from the University of Calgary, she is able to connect the dots for parents and kids in a healthy, fun, way.


Joe Whitbread

Public Speaker/Mentor/Coach

Joe started his career in broadcast journalism, and took his first gig as an on-air personality in Grande Prairie shortly after graduating from SAIT. As a public speaker, professional emcee, PA announcer, and voice over artist, he’s hosted thousands of events in his 25+ year career in the public. He gets excited about helping kids enhance their online opportunity! Like, really excited.