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A few of our most common questions

What are your fees?

Our in-school presentations are $200/session. We believe this conversation is essential to get started, so please let us know if you have budget constraints. 

Parent Workshops are $500 for private group workshops.

Keynote presentations are $450 for in-school, and $1000 for in-conference.

Do you offer follow-up sessions?

Yes. If there is an issue identified in a school that might require a smaller group session, we'll come back and get that conversation started. 

For parents, we offer parent coaching if they require support after a workshop. 

Do you present in-person or online?

Both! We definitely prefer in-person, because we have better conversations with the kids. 

Our on-line presentations are via Google Meets. We’ve had tremendous success in generating engagement and fantastic feedback from classrooms in this format.

How long are your school presentations?

We prefer to have at least an hour, in order to give kids time to talk with us if they want. We can adapt to your available time.

Can we have our Grade 4s meet at the same time as our Grade 8’s?

No. The challenges kids face are different, and in order to address them in the place they’re at, we do require grade separation. We prefer these grade groups: Grade 4 and under, Grade 5/6/7, Grade 7/8/9, Grade 9/10/11, Grade 11/12.

Do you present in (enter town or province here)?

Yes. We’ll speak to any classroom or community that will have us!

How do we book you?

Email us at with your school info, grades, and desired dates and we'll get you booked!

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